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Fuck You
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Pissed Off People (P.O.P.)'s LiveJournal:

Friday, September 24th, 2004
11:47 pm
fucking peice of shit mother fucking cunts

so i went to the show today expecting to have a good time yeah i know its an sXe show but still i liked the bands so i get kicked in the face and ya know i dont think any thing about it other that ya know it wasnt on perpous so this guy startes staring at me and i look and he mad dogs me so im like what the fuck and then he kickes me in the lip-knose and the comes around and hits me in the head (hard) 4 more times ok this guy is 6'5 and im getting pissed then his freind starts doing the same shit to me and he kickes me in the back 2 times in a row and go and tells his freinds and they all start laughing fucking bitches then same shit starts happening to jonny he get thrown 3 times buy the same guy and then gets hit and kicked so we where all pissed and start talking to each other because the same guys are doing the same shit to us over and over and then all kinds of people are all shut up stop being bitches its a fucking hard core show its your won fault for coming and then the guys come up to us and start telling us shit like yeah i hit you on perpose and you need to leave this is our show but fuck that i mean there was only like one song left any wase y the fuck should we leave when we didnt do shit to begin with ok so now the show has ended and about 30 of those fucks tellus to leave and that they are there shows and we shouldnt even come and all kinds of shit like that and y are you guys talking shit when we can hear them talking shit about us and then me and jonny just walk away and start talking amongst eachother about how we hate sXe and the singer of fate 13 comes up to us and starts threatining him saying that hes going to beat jonny so we just walk away because its freaking 30 of them hitting us up and then we start talking to this punk guy and laughing and shit and the guy that was threatining him said im sorry and shit oh and they did the same shit to myles exept because hes small the guy nocked him out so yeah point of this story got dam sXe guys start shit for no reason and tell us to calm down when we didnt start it and they hit us and i didnt even hit them so all that i have to say is fuck those bitches
Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
2:57 am
well livejournal has officially pissed me off. well the community part of it anyways. it could be because i am new at it or lj is sucks. me and joey (analingetser) spen almost a half hour trying to figure out what happenned because i invited him and he tryed to becom a part of this but it didnt work. we got it worked out i just think it should be user friendly send more emails or something damnit i dont want to sit here wasting time trying to get people in here and have it not work untill a half hourlater wasted time pisses me off i am never going to get those god damned minutes back.

Current Mood: pissed off
12:00 am
Rules and Regulations
well you got in so that must mean your pissed often. if not then your just a friend, but if your both then thats a plus. This is going to be for when your pissed off only i dont want to see any gay posts about your day unless it pissed you off somehow. EXAMPLE:

" Fuck! today i was watching tv and that beavis and butthead commercial came on for the dvd's and the part where they are star treck people was on and then one of em said "number 1 i order you to go take a number 2" Then i realized how often i heard "i have to go number (1 or 2)" while i was in the bathroom or even on TV!why the hell do people(adults) minipulate little kids' minds into saying stupid shit!"

and so on and so on. that is all this community is for is for venting not slutty tit baits like johnny (just messing you bitchboy).

here are a few rules:
1. no slutty tit baits
2. Venting only no "how was your day," or "I had a good day"
3. No insulting people for what pissed them off, some contraversy is good and alright just dont try to change their opinnion.
4. Random things are ok but when it all comes down to emo shit watch what you say this is a "civilized" community.
5. Dont put people down, one time and your out. (if confused on put downs refer to 3rd grade)
6. I am the moderator

If you have any questions or comments You most likely know my aim or yahoo names but if not here is my email: XStratGuyx@Aol.com, or gofuckyourself@umm.com (fake if you didnt notice while reading.

Current Mood: pissed off
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