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Fuck You


Pissed Off People (P.O.P.)
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This Community is for people who are pissed off. I mean really pissed off at things. For example i took a quiz on if your kid should be shot down for being a goth, i wrote a lot about how the test is so fucking bogus it made m sick. Basically, jthis is for people who are often pissed and need to write about it. This is the place to vent about things and get applause for how they feel about things, unless its retarded then i would have to give some warnings and kick people out.

Here are a few rules:
1. No Slutty Tit Baits
2. Venting only no "How was your day," or "I had a good day"
3. No insulting people for what pissed them off, some contraversy is good and alright just dont try to change their opinnion.
4. Random things are ok but when it all comes down to emo shit watch what you say this is a "civilized" community.
5. Dont put people down, one time and your out. (if confused on put downs refer to 3rd grade)
6. Littlestubbies is the Moderator respect him, love him, worship him.
7. Dont make yourself look bad and contradict yourself in your posts like i do(no punishments for it but i dont like to Publicly humiliate you)
8. Do Not wish people dead in here unless they rap or it is cleared by me i hate it when people do that.
9. Grow your hair out, cutting it should be illegal (joke rule but think about it)
10. Umm, get pissed off and fill the posts up because if you dont poast once in a matter of five days you get booted.